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Free longboard giftcards.

How to Subscribe to Original's Channel

  1. Visit
  2. On that page; Click the yellow subscribe button just below the Original logo.
  3. Sign in to YouTube with your Google Account, or create and verify(by email) a new YouTube account / channel and then sign in.
  4. Go back to
  5. Check the yellow subscribe button, if it says "Un-Subscribe" you are all set.
  6. If the yellow button still says "Subscribe" hit it one more time to finalize your subscription.

Get your Giftcard (Once you Subscribe)

Once you have subscribed on YouTube, and created your account if necessary, you are ready to request your giftcard using the form at the top left of this page (the orange giftcard looking one).

  1. Find your YouTube channel name. If you don't remember your channel name check your email for the message YouTube sent you upon account creation.
  2. Enter your YouTube channel name into the form field at top left of this page and hit the "Request" button.
  3. Visit and sign in to your channel account.
  4. Once you are signed in go to your messages, or click the following link to go there:
  5. There will be a list of types of messages that you can receive. Click on the "Shared with me" message category.
  6. If everything went according to plan there should be a message (with a video attached) from Original. Inside that message is your giftcard code which can be redeemed when checking out at the store.

Subscribing to Original on YouTube keeps you up to date on the latest news and longboard video releases, allows you to enter any of Original's video based longobard contests and gets you involved in one of the most active longboarding rider communities online. You can ask questions, browse other videos by Original longboarders and post videos of your own to get feedback from other riders who understand what it means to be Original.

Since YouTube, and the developments is a huge part of what makes Original special we offer a $5.00 giftcard to all longboarders who subscribe to our channel. $5.00 isnt enough to buy a subscriber, but thats not what we are trying to do. We appreciate the support and feedback our subscribers give us on all of our endeavors and want to give a little bit back to those riders who are an active part of the Original longboarding scene.

To get involved, follow the subscription directions on the right and side of this page and then use the form up top to request your longboard giftcard once you have subscribed.